About Us

AnchorFree enables millions of users with free privacy and security online. Millions of users have chosen AnchorFree as the ideal solution for securing all browsing and web activities and for accessing the web without any geographical restrictions. AnchorFree launched Expat Shield to help Expatriates working abroad to stay in touch with family and friends back at home. Expat Shield enables people living abroad with the ability to connect to the Internet and get the same experience as if they never left home. Furthermore Expat Shield provides security and identity protection. Expat Shield secures all online transactions; such as shopping and browsing the web, enabling all your online web activities to go through a Virtual Private Network. This creates a personal secure tunnel for each user and enables user online activities (such as searches & websites visited & personally identifiable information) to always stay private. Expat Shield is 100% FREE to use.

Expat Shield is sponsored by advertising. Our media platform enables brands to communicate with our tech savvy affluent audience through video and display advertising on hundreds of millions of domains. We enable contextual targeting for advertisers, while keeping user identity 100% private, even from ourselves. Expats are a very desirable audience with high disposable incomes, significant amount of travel activity, and lot’s of needs as they live and work away from home. The biggest population of Expats comes from the United Kingdom and the United States.

Expat Shield’s mission is to enable a world without borders on the Internet. Enabling people to stay connected to each other online regardless of where they may be travelling to or where they may be living.

Expat Shield enables access to sites that are unavailable in certain regions and allows users to stay connected to friends and family privately and securely overseas. With Expat Shield, people abroad are able to freely access popular news and information sites, like Google, The Wall Street Journal, CNN and BBC, that are often unavailable overseas, as well as to connect to social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and MySpace, helping maintain important relationships during their travels. Further, Expat Shield allows expats to make calls on VOIP services like Skype, which are often blocked in foreign regions.

Expat Shield also offers a number of unique services to those abroad, including the ability to shop on US-only e-commerce sites, such as Amazon or iTunes, and receive direct shipments anywhere worldwide. Expat Shield also provides links to forums and services to enable users to connect with others abroad and find rentals in given regions quickly and easily.

“While expatriates may be located thousands of miles away from loved ones, Expat Shield smoothes the transition by allowing them to stay connected with friends via services like Skype and Facebook, as well as retain access to news subscriptions and other social services, often unavailable overseas,” said David Gorodyansky, founder and CEO, AnchorFree. “We’ve developed Expat Shield to help unite families separated by work assignments and allow their transition to be as seamless as possible. Users working in or traveling to other countries will feel as if they never left home.”

Similar to AnchorFree’s Hotspot Shield, which has more than 7.5 million monthly users, Expat Shield establishes a secure tunnel between a user’s computer and Internet connection, encrypting entire Web sessions to keep the user protected and anonymous. As a result, both expats and travelers can take their Internet experiences from their current location back to their country of origin. For example, instead of being directed to Google.mx while in Mexico or Google.cn in China, with Expat Shield enabled, the user will be directed to Google.com and empowered to access all content freely and without boundaries.

AnchorFree is a venture funded private company located in Silicon Valley. Our engineers develop the most innovative technologies to enable users to stay secure & private online. Our sales team provides cutting edge solutions to advertisers and agencies. Our team, our advisors, and our investors bring together thought leadership that impacts millions of users all over the world.

We believe that everybody deserves to be secure & private online. There should not be a cost for it, it should be free. Just like having a door and a lock at home, you should have protection when surfing the web, buying things online, communicating with friends, searching on major search engines. Every person’s online activities are their business and should be controlled by them, by users of the web, not by third parties.